We work in the world of plausible/impossible

Fresh insights and Ideas. Design-Driven Strategies. Inspired Products and Experiences. Cutting-Edge Digital Platforms.


welcome to the world of the Plausible Impossible

We help forward-thinking enterprises & disruptive startups challenge convention, imagine new possibilities & successfully bring meaningful products, services & experiences to the market that meet the needs of today's connected consumer. We do this by coupling world-class strategy & design capabilities with the deep technology & production expertise needed, in-house to bring ideas to life...

...from concept to reality

Three core pillars that offer everything needed to conceptualize, design, develop & successfully commercialize new ideas.

Innovation Services Kinetic Startups Digital Labs Digital Labs + Kinetic Startups Innovation Services + Kinetic Startups Innovation Services + Digital Labs Innovation Services + Digital Labs + Kinetic Startups
  • Innovation Services - Help visionary business leaders create and bring new ideas to the market
  • Digital Labs - Push the limits of new tech to design & develop cutting-edge digital platforms
  • Kinetic Startups - Help disruptive entrepreneurs build and scale breakthrough startup companies
  • Innovation + Digital Labs = technology inspires & validates creativity with full production & execution in-house
  • Innovation + Startups = turn ideas coming out of our innovation work into breakthrough startup companies
  • Digital Labs + Startups = provide startups with direct access to our digital labs to build flawless products

MINDS beat money

People are the key ingredient to successful innovation. We've hand-picked a truly unmatchable team that includes the top minds across a range of disciplines.

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Progressive Vision. Pragmatic Execution.

We offer a blend of innovation & design services with full production & execution capabilities, in-house, to deliver the most progressive thinking and breakthrough work in the market.


Our innovation services are designed to help our clients imagine and explore new possibilities for their business and successfully bring new ideas to the market.
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Strategic Innovation Experience Design Strategic Foresight Customer Insights Social Platforms Mobile & Tablet Websites & Ecomm Emerging Technology

Digital Labs

Our digital labs push the limits of new technology to redefine the realm of possibility for our clients & develop cutting-edge digital products across a range of platforms.
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We unlock business futures - from creating new business models to designing & commercializing inspired products & services.

  • Customer Insights

    We bring together a
    unique blend research
    methods to deliver an
    intimate understanding
    of your target consumer.

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  • Strategic Foresight

    We provide the
    long-term strategic
    perspective needed
    to prepare for future
    business scenarios.

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  • Strategic Innovation

    We solve complex
    business challenges
    through design thinking
    & craft strategies to
    commercialize new ideas.

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  • Experience Design

    We conceptualize and
    design meaningful
    products, services and
    experiences that span
    multiple platforms.

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We bring screens to life - from smartphones, tablets & touch screens to embedded systems in retail & residential environments.

  • Mobile & Tablet

    Breakthrough user
    experience design and
    flawless product
    development across
    all major platforms.

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  • Websites & Ecommerce

    Integrated web
    platforms including
    sites and apps using
    the latest standards
    and frameworks.

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  • Social Platforms

    Creation of custom
    social apps and
    seamless integrations
    using the latest social
    plugins and APIs.

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  • Emerging Technology

    Innovative application
    of new & emerging
    technologies across a
    range of residential &
    retail contexts.

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your start up is different and so are we

We provide a unique opportunity for Startups to learn, build & scale their ideas in a cohort free, individualized environment.

There's no 'Best Practice' when it comes to building a startup because the needs of every company are unique.

Unlike a typical startup accelerator, we don’t accept cohorts and our sole focus isn’t on teaching you to pitch for investment. Instead, we will help you build a remarkable business and customize our approach for each company we work with.

We will provide your startup with the same transformative innovation and design services we offer our enterprise clients. This includes direct access to our digitial labs to help you develop flawless products and access to our extensive network of established relationships with business and industry leaders who are ready to hear about your product and potentially become your first customers.

  • Market & Consumer Research
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Business & Service Model Design
  • Business Development & Sales Acceleration
  • Product Design & Development
  • Operational & Growth Planning
  • Customer Discovery & Development
  • Fund Raising & Investment

you simply wont find coaches like ours

Not to be confused with Mentoring, Coaching is about identifying company goals, setting them and making a plan to reach them with the help of an experienced person. Companies inside Kinetic Startups have regular access to our leadership team for anything from business model creation and product design to support on mission critical pitches/presentations and anything in between.


is about personal development & working with a more experienced person who is willing to help on an ongoing basis to solve your unique problems. It's more than a web page full of photos of people who might answer an occasional question for you. At Kinetic Startups we match you with specific people who are committed to sharing relevant expertise & not just a coffee. Below is a small sample of mentors currently working with our startups.

We invest more than money,
we invest in you.


Traditionally, investment means putting money into something with the expectation of gain and that’s true, but Kinetic Startups isn't traditional. In addition to funds, we supply direct access to our leadership team, in house digital lab, as well as the networks and experiences of our entire organization. It is the combination of all these investments that will accelerate your success.

We work with visionaries. A truly amazing combination of both forward-thinking business leaders & disruptive entrepreneurs.

let's be friends

  • general enquiries: info@kineticcafe.com
  • *startup enquiries: startup@kineticcafe.com
  • career enquiries: careers@kineticcafe.com
  • *Include details on your business, stage of growth & team

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David explains the meaning of Kinetic Café at our town hall meeting. Collide. Create. #mindsbeatmoney http://t.co/ivYe6l1bDx

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